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Bill Gates apologizes for the Ctrl-Alt-Del (and somewhat blames Ibm)

Ctrl-Alt-Del, Bill Gates Apologizes for the awkward combination of keys

Bill Gates apologized to Ctrl-Alt-Del for the combination of (uncomfortable) keys that still serves to unlock PCs that go into freeze

Bill Gates apologized for that Ctrl-Alt-Del that has been driving PC users crazy for decades. Originally the Control-Alt-Del was the key combination needed to get into Windows, to do (say so) Log-in .This function then always remained in Windows still today and is used to unlock applications, log out etc. Bill Gates said If I could make a small change to what I made I would change the Ctrl-Alt-Del, the same function make it activate with a single keystroke. He stated this in a panel at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York, interviewed by David Rubenstein, president of the Carlyle Group. The Ctrl-Alt-Canc has influenced and still influences the use of computers and an uncomfortable combo to make, but still today often essential when the computer goes into freeze for example. What was a flaw survived decades of development and several Windows updates.

In reality this not new confession, Bill Gates had spoken of the combination Ctrl-Alt-Del already in 2013.

Bill Gates: I would change the Ctrl-Alt-Del key combination, but IBM's fault

"We could have had only one button instead of 3, but the person who did the IBM keyboard design didn't want to give us a special button to do what you do with Control-alt-canc," Gates had stated at an event from Harvard University in 2013. In short, on the one hand, he admits the error and says that going back he would not do it again, since somehow he attributes or shares the blame with the IBM designers. level admits errors, even small ones. Perhaps because Bill Gates today less and less connected to the world of technology and sees it with greater distance, manages to place it in a different order of magnitude.

I had a precocious career in the digital revolution, and this is still the sector that moves faster … but today my attention is more on the latest discoveries concerning health, what I am most interested in today. ”So you can even apologize for some detail, it's past things.

Ctrl-Alt-Del, Bill Gates Apologizes for the awkward combination of keys

Ctrl-Alt-Del, Bill Gates Apologizes for the awkward combination of keys