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Beyond dating apps: love learning now gives them machine learning

A team from Boston has developed an application that lists all the users' dating habits and then proposes to dispense advice automatically

We begin by adding the first card of the last victim: name, et, and if desired, the photo. By attaching the screenshot of the dating app where you eventually found it (from Tinder onwards, they are all there), the form is automatically filled in by the application. Done this,proceed with the evaluation form: the pros and cons (sense of humor? Bad listener?) and real marks on personal characteristics are inserted.

Then, let's go straight to the point: if you have already met the person in question, you have to fill in a new card. How many meetings have there been? Happy with how they went? What happened in the end (this at the discretion of the user, complete with emojis to be understood, but not writing the detail). Always in emoji you can summarize the appointment (because time, of course, there is none).

The app stores all the data, which are many and personal: these are assessments entrusted to an app, complete with a map to indicate the meeting places and all habits on the topic. And again, the apps used to get to know people and the type of interaction that is created with other people. Based on this information (then, go and complain about that published on social media), Evolve processes statistics on your dating habits (how are your first appointments going?) and you grab the right to dispense advice (even on the best bar for a rendezvous, to name one), in the appropriate form.

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