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Best PDF editor: the 10 best PDF editors to choose from

Over the past decade, several document file formats have come and gone; the various cloud-based document creation services made their entrance; productive apps have extended the reach of documents to different devices and platforms! All of these, however, have not been able to influence the monopoly of the PDF file format, when it comes to creating a document that works in all operating systems and has global acceptance. Regardless of the availability of various tools to view and convert files to PDF documents, directly from your device or web browser, people consider PDF editing as a difficult task that requires in-depth skills.

In this post, we decided to dispel this myth by sharing a list of the 10 best PDF editors with you. Here, we will cover several PDF editors that are available for different operating systems, including talking about their interesting features.

1. Foxit PhantomPDF (paid)

Rather than a tool intended exclusively for editing, Foxit PhantomPDF multipurpose when it comes to viewing, creating and editing PDF documents from the PC. While editing a part of PhantomPDF includes features like editing paragraphs, arranging objects, including watermarks and customizing pages, the tool offers other great features like scanning and OCR, signing documents and other security features, converting and exporting to various formats like Microsoft Office files etc. Thus, we repeat, Foxit PhantomPDF will be useful in many cases, as far as a professional is concerned.

  • Prices: $ 89 for the standard version and $ 129 for businesses
  • Supported platforms: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Buy here

2. Icecream PDF Split & Merge (free)

If you are looking for a tool that is not too detailed but can be used to view and edit the pages of a PDF document, Icecream PDF Split & Merge is the optimal tool to check. The tool does not allow you to edit the content of the PDF document but you can use it to split, rearrange and merge pages of various PDF files. It is possible to have different PDF splitting modes, range-based splitting, file encryption to ensure security, etc. All in all, you will enjoy using Icecream PDF Split & Merge when your minimum requirement.

  • Prices: free
  • Supported platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Download for free

3. iSkysoft PDF editor (paid)

iSkysoft PDF Editor a complete PDF document editor that also includes conversion functions. In a nutshell, iSkysoft PDF Editor can be used just like Microsoft Office, because iSkysoft PDF Editor somehow has the same user interface as that of Microsoft Office. In addition to document editing, there are other features such as OCR, document encryption, division and merging of PDF pages, ability to create PDF files from other documents, etc.

  • Prices: $ 69.95 for the Windows version and $ 49.95 for the Mac
  • Supported platforms: Windows XP, 7 and Windows 8; Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 (Mavericks) and 10.10 (Mac OS X Yosemite)

Shop for Windows; Shop for Mac

4. Nuance Power PDF Standard (paid)

Nuance Power PDF Standard an excellent PDF creation, modification and conversion software aimed at both professionals and business communities. This all-in-one PDF tool has many features such as the scanned image to PDF, the conversion of non-fillable forms into fillable forms, amazing document editing features, support and integration for cloud-based services and much more. All of these features are decorated with an easy-to-use user interface that makes sense! In addition, Nuance Power PDF Standard also has some business-oriented features.

  • Price: $ 99 for Windows
  • Supported platforms: Windows

Buy here

5. Nitro Pro 9 (paid)

Nitro Pro 9 another complete tool to create, edit and convert PDF files or to make PDF files collaborative and intelligent. Speaking of PDF creation, Nitro Pro 9 has conversion and consolidation functions.

On the other hand, when it comes to the case of PDF editing, you can edit both the content and page sections of a PDF file, along with the ability to add additional content such as drawings and text. In addition, there is an option to connect to Nitro Cloud, which aims for cloud-based collaboration of files. In addition, you have the option to sign documents, set passwords etc.

Overall, even if you are in a professional or corporate environment, Nitro Pro 9 something exceptional, we assure you. Also, to keep things familiar, Nitro Pro 9 has a user interface similar to Office.

  • Price: 136, 99
  • Supported platform: Windows

Buy here

6. PDF Buddy (free)

When you want to edit a PDF file but don't have enough time / resources to download and install any of the PDF editors mentioned above, PDF Buddy will certainly be useful, as an online PDF editing tool.

To edit the document, you will need to upload the document to the PDF Buddy service and the service will provide you with an interface to make changes to the document, including adding text and images, removing objects through white, adding a signature.

In the long run, to download the edited PDF file, you need to create a free PDF Buddy account, which is a matter of seconds.

  • Price: free
  • Supported platform: almost all!

Visit here

7. AbleWord (free)

For those who need a word processor capable of creating and editing PDF documents, together with other popular formats, a sensible decision is to choose AbleWord, a free word processor and PDF editor. It has a user interface that has many similarities to previous versions of Microsoft Office. Once you have created a document with elements according to your wishes, you can save it in your preferred format: be it docx, PDF, rtf or HTML.

Well, you don't have to pay anything for all of these; fantastic, isn't it?

  • Prices: free
  • Supported platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Download it here

8. Adobe Acrobat Pro XI (paid)

What do you think you have a PDF creation and editing tool from Adobe, the home of your favorite tool used to read PDF documents? If you have an affirmative answer and willingness to pay, you can choose Adobe Acrobat Pro XI.

In addition to editing text and other content in the document, you have a wide range of conversion functions. You can convert a Microsoft Office document like Word or PowerPoint to a PDF document in no time, while converting the PDF to any of these formats. In addition, there are options for merging different types of files to form a single PDF file. Overall, Adobe Acrobat Pro is simply fantastic, we bet.

  • Prices: $ 14.99 per month
  • Available platforms: Windows and Mac OS X v 10.6.8, v 10.7.4 or v 10.8

Buy here

9. PDFescape (free)

PDFescape is yet another web-based PDF file editor to depend on when hesitant about downloads and the installation process. Once the PDF file is uploaded to the PDFescape servers, you can edit it accordingly using tools such as whiteout, text entry, form field, etc. a simple task and you will enjoy the assembly.

  • Prices: free
  • Available platforms: web-based
  • Compatible: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 6+ and Opera

Visit here

10. Inkscape (free)

If you've been in the open source world, surely you've heard of Inkscape and you know it's not a typical PDF editor. On the other hand, Inkscape designed for editing vector graphics, but also supports PDF. Therefore, if you want to edit the visual-looking PDF document, Inkscape is the best tool to be your companion!

  • Prices: free, open source
  • Available platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux

Visit here

Well, there you are, with our list! Now, let us know if we have lost any of your favorite PDF editors.