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Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8: Download SideBySide tweak


Download tweak SideBySidefrom Cydia for iPhone, iPod and iPad: the multiwindow on iPhone, iPod and iPad arrives

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Multitasking, multiwindow and split-screen on iPhone, iPod and iPad thanks to the SideBySide tweak.

The MultiWindow finally arrives on iOS! Not thanks to Apple, but thanks to a third-party developer. Let's find out together this new and spectacular tweak that allows you to have the truth multiwindow on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

ConSideBySide comes the Multiwindow also on the OS 8

Here we are at a new appointment with ibest tweaks for Cydia compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad updated to iOS 8.

The Cydia tweak for iOS 8 which I point out to you today is called SideBySideepermette give true multitasking and multiwindow on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Are you aware of the tablets and smartphones of Samsung and LG, based on the Android operating system, where the user can divide the screen of the device into two parts to open two applications simultaneously? Here, a similar thing also arrived for iPhone, iPod and iPad with jailbreak thanks to the tweak SideBySide.

SideBySide, in fact, allows you to divide the screen of iPhone, iPod and iPad into two parts and simultaneously open two programs in two separate screens. Thanks to SideBySide we will be able to open multiple applications simultaneously on iPhone, iPod and iPad to take full advantage of the multitasking of iOS 8.

But let's find out in detail this tweak SideBySide.

IndubbiamenteSideBySide one of the best tweaks currently available for iPhone, iPod and iPad and able to convince practically any Apple user to jailbreak their device, especially if the device in question has a screen with generous dimensions, an ideal situation to make the most ofSideBySide.

With SideBySide, in fact, we can simultaneously open two applications on the same screen of the iPhone, iPod and iPad, making the most of the multitasking of our device. split-screen function (or multitasking or multiwindow) something that Apple users have been waiting for years and finally these features arrive thanks to a new tweak available on Cydia.

The operation of this truly ingenious tweak, as mentioned, allows the user to split the screen in two while the applications will be simultaneously active.For the activation of the split screen mode, the developer has chosen a different path from that of ReachApp: the Touch will not be used. ID but only a gesture with Activator. A choice that I share.

Again, the strength of the tweak lies in the possibility to resize the screen space dedicated to each app, allowing us, for example, to enlarge the portion dedicated to one program to reduce the portion dedicated to the other program.

For obvious reasons, SideBySideit gives its best on bigger screens like the iPhone 6 Plus or iPad, but does not present any problem on other devices, where for obviously the space available will be significantly reduced.

Currently the Beta Tweak is public, but available on Cydia:to download it you just have to add the Repository to the list of sources.

Here is a video explaining in detail how this incredible Cydia tweak works:

Obviously this tweak requires the jailbreak of your Apple device to work. If you don't know how to do it, here are our guides:

At the moment the tweak is not yet available, but we will update the article with download link as soon as it is released.

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