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Best apps for reading RSS feeds

See again i RSS feed? There is really nothing wrong. They are still used, only some popular services no longer support it. Moreover, it is still possible to download Apps that help to read in real time all the Feeds that are inserted or to offer even more comfortable options. Android in particular has a lot of similar Apps that work great on this term.

RSS Feeds allow any user to receive news in real time through a few excerpts of code, which the program interprets and decodes on the fly. The result? The complete page of the news, also complete with image and video content, ready to be consulted on the fly. For some, it is still a particularly necessary tool to bring all the latest news in a particular field.

But what are i best services what can we find? Here are the most suitable programs to read the RSS feeds you want:

palabre (Https:// If you want an App that can be customized to the core, Palabre is definitely an excellent candidate. Not only does it allow you to read RSS feeds and customize some aspects, but it can also integrate Twitter and Flickr in the same way. In a nutshell, it can read the latest Twitter notifications as if they are in RSS format. It is also possible to integrate services like Feedly, which means more than one single RSS reader in one. Easy to use, clean and optimized for screens up to 7 inches.

Read (Https:// Literally Read, the name is all a program. The app is extremely simple and does not offer many refined or comfortable functions as such. And perhaps the whole philosophy of the program, which allows you to read RSS feeds without using complicated functions. However, it is possible to save some of the feeds you prefer most, also using a favorite content system. A simple app for simple users.

News Republic (Https:// Let's start talking about some bigger program News Republic an app suitable for those who want to read newspapers and news from all over the world, naturally through the RSS system. The whole service works through an artificial intelligence that collects the most interesting news for the user from all the news (and similar) that offer free sources. It is also convenient for registration, as it offers a log-in via Google or Facebook.

Inoreader (Https:// This RSS reader, on the other hand, is more suitable for all technology and related enthusiasts. One of its strengths, besides of course having an easy to use and relatively clean interface, the possibility of simply choosing the category of favorite news. There is no need to look for newspapers to choose or particular magazines to insert, Inoreader rather effective in choosing the best news through the categories provided. The free app, but if you want to pay about 50 euros a year, you can also read the news offline and receive a notification for each new news received through the feed.

Feedly (Https:// A decidedly more general and also among the most used Android app, Feedly allows you to insert a large amount of RSS, including content that can be synchronized from sites such as Youtube. The program also tends to have a lot of additional functions, such as the possibility of sharing news through Linkedln or carrying out more extensive and more precise searches. Definitely the Swiss watch of RSS feeds, but this is not the cheapest program. The most complete version (at least for a normal user) costs 12 euros per month. Labbonamento includes the ability to search for results through artificial intelligence, with the guarantee of receiving the various feeds much faster than any other service.