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Best Android voice assistant

Best Android voice assistant

Whether or not you use an Android voice assistant, they are now becoming a part of many people's daily lives. Using your voice, voice assistants allow you to perform small daily tasks and can provide key information just when you need it without using your hands on the device.

Best Android voice assistant

Although many find it strange to talk to their phone in public, voice assistants can make life much easier. By now you have a hectic lifestyle, and these applications allow you to quickly write down notes, thoughts or anything else, or provide information to help you perform different daily activities. For example, take a short note, send a message, check the traffic update or just watch the weather. Some of the Android voice assistant apps, after being consulted, respond by voice so there is no longer the need to read the information on the screen.

best voice assistant

There are dozens of Android voice assistant applications and some of them are really effective, while others are to be discarded. Have you ever wondered what makes an Android voice assistant better than another? Let's find out in this article. Here are the ones we believe are the best five voice assistants available on Android.

Google Now

Our first suggestion, when it comes to voice assistants, certainly Google Now. The best thing about Google Now that it pre-installed on all Android devices and simple to configure. It is also produced by Google itself, which means that web search is a breeze. All you need to set up a Google account, which you probably already have if you have an Android phone. If you are activating Google Now for the first time, you can usually start it from the app Google that you find in the screen that contains all the apps installed. After making the first configuration, on some devices you will be able to activate Google Now simply by holding down the home button and then dragging your finger upwards.

Google Now

Unlike many voice assistants, Google Now already provides some information like weather forecasts, upcoming reminders, calendar events, stocks and birthdays without the user requesting it. These are constantly updated so you never miss this kind of information. Users can also add other interests so that Google can provide news that is relevant to better organize your day. Google Now can open from any screen when the user says the keyword "OK Google", Even from the lockscreen. All this can be configured from the settings.

What you like most about Google Now is its speed and high precision, as it recognizes your voice even in the presence of background noise. Google Now can perform functions such as web search, device searches, and enable / disable settings. Google Now works on a myriad of devices including smartphones, tablets, smartwhatch and TV. You can download the App Launcher Now app which installs a quick and clean Home screen, from which you can access Google Now with a single click.


Cortana created by Microsoft and the voice assistant pre-loaded on the new Windows devices. However, the personal assistant is also available for those who use an Android device. Although Cortana does not offer all the features of Google Now, many tasks can be performed when you need them. Cortana very useful to provide you with what you need quickly and easily, even when you don't have your hands free.

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<p>Cortana can perform actions such as sending messages, making calls, making appointments and providing all the information you want. Although most voice assistants can do this, Cortana does it quickly and rarely does not understand what you ask. Its operating mode can help you get the information without losing a single shot with its hands-free setting. But when it comes to doing a web search, it doesn't compare with the Google Now experience.</p>
<p>While the experience is not as intuitive and seamless as that of Windows devices, Cortana for Android is quite fast. If you like much more than competitors, Cortana can be set as the system default, enabling it in the settings. If you are looking <strong>Cortana in Italian</strong>, I can tell you that in the 2018 version it still doesn't, but you can download Cortana in English from the Play Store.</p><div class='code-block code-block-7' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Hound the most recent of these, and made by SoundHound. Like other assistants, it can answer different types of questions. For example, Hound can find nearby hotels, restaurants and landmarks. It can also help you complete various tasks, such as setting reminders and sending texts. When you ask for information, Hound is extremely quick to respond and provides the answers you need very quickly. It can be activated by saying "Ok Hound"Aloud.

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<p>Unlike Google Now, Cortana, and other Android voice assistant apps, Hound can answer questions for additional actions. This is what makes Hound unique. For example, if you ask "show me restaurants in Seattle except Chinese", then you can ask for additional actions with another question such as "show me only those that are open after 9.00pm". Hound will automatically realize that you are talking about restaurants in Seattle except for Chinese ones, so that you will not have to repeat the same previous question. You will find this function on a wide range of topics.</p>
<p>Hound can also go deeper with topics. For example, instead of asking "find hotels nearby", you can say "Show nearby hotels between 150 and 200 per night with free Wi-Fi and a pool." Hound will process the request and show only the hotels that fit your criteria. Hound also offers a large amount of games with which you can play using only the voice. Hound Voice Search & Assistant can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.</p><div class='code-block code-block-9' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant is a great choice for an all-in-one voice assistant. The application created by Nuance Communications can be downloaded for free. Some key features include text messaging, posting via social media platforms, web search and alarm setup. A feature that made the Dragon Mobile Assistant app interesting that works even when the device's screen is locked or turned off. You can also set the tone of voice so that Dragon Mobile Assistant will only answer your voice and nobody else.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant also allows you to create a custom name to call when you want to get in touch with it. The voice assistant also offers a selection of different voices that can be applied, which is unique compared to the others on this list. The clean design, easy to use and works well, and everything you need.

If you like these features, Mobile Assistant can be the perfect assistant for you on Android devices. You can download it for free from the Play Store.


Jarvis created by ItsMyLab and can be downloaded for free. Jarvis one of the very few besides Google Now that works on Android Wear devices. It is also interesting to note that Jarvis comes with a selection of widgets that can be placed on your home screen for quick and easy access.


Jarvis can inform you about the latest news and perform some actions such as sending messages and making calls. Jarvis can also change device settings, change the current wallpaper, and give you timely updates of important topics via heads-up notifications. The design inspired by Iron Man and looks very attractive. The only limit that Jarvis currently only supports English. In addition to doing his job well, Jarvis does his best to keep you entertained. There are some Easter Eggs hidden inside the app, you have to try to find out where they are. The voice assistant always knows where he is now, and can satisfy all your desires.Jarvis – Vocal Assistant you can download it for free from the Play Store.

Conclusions Android voice assistant app

These are the ones we believe are the first five Android voice assistant applications available for Android. Not all smartphone users use them on a daily basis, and for this reason we believe that these applications can improve over time, and certainly will become indispensable for the daily use of mobile devices.

You can let us know in the comments which Android voice assistant you are using and which one you prefer.

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