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Bending Spoons, let's discover the Milanese company of the Immuni app

Bending Spoons, let's discover the Milanese company of the Immuni app

Let's find out the Italian company chosen by the Italian government for the Immuni app, an application to support the containment of the coronavirus emergency.

Bending Spoons, the Milanese company whose app called Immuni was chosen by the Italian government for its support to contain the Covid-19 emergency (here how the Immuni app works). The company recalls that the Prime Minister is the licensee of the use of the product. Bending Spoons acts completely free of charge, independently financing its own costs and not receiving any consideration for its commitment. But let's find out more about this young company that develops apps used by millions of people around the world.

Why Bending Spoons

Let's take away a curiosity. Bending Spoons literally in Italian means "spoons to fold". The reason for the company name and then the logo, an open infinity symbol formed by two folded spoons, comes from the film Matrix: In one scene of the film, a child folds a spoon with his thoughts. The meaning of this name is linked to the belief that in order to have a decisive impact on reality, the best way to look at it from a completely different point of view explainsMatteo Danieli, 34 years old, co-founder and product manager.

The history of the company

Bending Spoons was founded in 2013 by four Italian boys and a Pole, friends, peers and fellow students. Bending Spoons S.p.A. an Italian company currently owning a dozen applications which they also register 200 million of total downloads, 270,000 new users per day e 45.5 million in turnover in 2018. A team currently made up of 150 people that is differentiating itself in a market like that of apps, which is growing exponentially but at the same time highly competitive, betting on a portfolio of titles that affects different areas (wellness and fitness, photo retouching, editing video, computer security, entertainment). All characterized by having basins of massive and global users.

A choice in contrast to other big players who instead focus on a single app or a group of connected apps. This strategy allows the Milanese company to exploit economies of scale and flexibly allocate capital.

In addition to an unprecedented strategy, the most important competitive advantage has been people. To assemble a team of excellence and to give the many talents fleeing Italy a reason to remain the company founded in Copenhagen in 2013 has chosen to return to Italy after a year. In Milan.

Each team member was placed after a careful evaluation phase. Among the companies or institutes where the team members come from are Google, Apple, McKinsey and CERN. The goal of Bending Spoons? Become the undisputed number one in the world in app development and marketing.

The CEO Luca Ferrari states: “SI am very proud of the passion, self-sacrifice and competence of our engineers, scientists and the whole Immuni team. We have done, and will do, our best".