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Being productive with iPad: the top 10 of Macitynet

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iPad much, much more than a giant iPhone / touch: in addition to the full-bodied functions available immediately, you can make the most of the Apple's innovative tablet thanks to a complete set of apps already available. In this article, new iPad owners can find our personal ranking with the 10 best apps to use iPad to the best for the most varied purposes. Not only to compose texts and manage spreadsheets but also to carry out efficient searches on the Web, consult PDFs, touch up images and photos and much more.

Hit-parade starts …

10 – FlightTrack FlightTrack one of the most popular software for air travelers. You have available real-time updates on the status of flights around the world, travel routes complete with weather radar and allows you to check gates, delays and cancellations. For those interested in learning more about the basic travel services there are also the plane model, speed and altitude and even the possibility of sending the status of a flight via e-mail with a touch. The iPad screen guarantees immediate usability and great comfort of all services. Indispensable (or almost) for those who travel a lot but also simply for the curious and civil aviation enthusiasts. Cost € 3.99

FlightTrack iPad

9 – PDF Reader Pro Edition for iPad PDF Reader Pro Edition for iPad the advanced and optimized version for iPad of the popular program for reading PDFs already available for iPhone. As a simple PDF reader it is difficult to find anything better; works horizontally and vertically, opens email attachments, reads password-protected PDFs, searches the page, manages copy and pasting, downloads (and loads) PDFs from the Internet with an integrated browser, manages page indexes, shares files both via USB (and iTunes) and via Wifi. Basically a complete PDF Reader for mobile device. In the iPad version the generous screen size allows a very comfortable and pleasant use even for reading newspaper pages or texts with many images. Cost 2.99 euros.

PDF Reader Pro iPad

8 – Wolfram Alpha The "natural" search engine created by Wolfram Alpha, already very appealing on the iPhone, brought to the iPad reaches the state of the art. Images and graphics are very clear, the texts are very legible and the whole layout system has been adapted to the new platform. If you are wondering what it is, know that Wolfram Alpha does what a search engine doesn't do: it provides answers. In fact, it does not limit itself to giving links, but presents elaborated information, from the population of a nation to the elements of the periodic table, from the size of a planet to the date of a historical event and this thanks to an engine that intelligently interrogates the Internet. Only flaw: it only speaks English.

Cost 1.59 euros.

WoframAlpha iPad

7 – PhotoForge iPad doesn't have a camera, but its high-quality screen lends itself very well to image processing. An application that those who want to try to do some amateur photo editing on the Apple device must download PhotoForge. It is an optimized program that not only allows you to manipulate images, modify them and correct colors, but also to create works from scratch using drawing and painting tools. Among the countless functions: curves for creating filters, levels, sharpen & unsgarp, noise reduction, white autobalance, hue variation, saturation and brightness, brush tools, stamp, magnification, about twenty filters. Cost 4.99 euros.

PhotoForge iPad

6 – Instapaper Pro With the costs and limits imposed on the mobile Internet bandwidth and given the scarcity of access points, what is more convenient and interesting than being able to download one or more Internet pages at home or where a connection is available and then read it on the train, in bus, subway or plane? There is nothing more efficient for iPad than Instapaper Pro, an iPhone application now optimized for iPad that does everything you need in this field: it manages folders, automatically updates the chosen pages, and allows you to manage the size of the sources. There is also a night mode, useful for reading in bed and not disturbing. Instapaper Pro, which must interface with Safari on iPad to operate, stores up to 250 Internet pages and to save space, it eliminates images and creates sheets of text only. Cost € 3.99.

PhotoForge iPad

5 – Atomic Web Browser If Safari does not satisfy you, Atomic Web Borwser is the solution that cannot be missing on your iPad. Numerous differences compared to the "native" browser; the most interesting is the possibility of opening multiple panels, but there is also support for multitouch gestures for functions such as loading the home or switching from one panel to another, full screen browsing, saving pages for offline reading, blocking images and advertising. for faster browsing, screen rotation lock, customizable user agent (Atomic can be identified as an Internet Explorer or Firefox). On sale for 79 cents.

Atomic Web iPad

4 – Bento for iPad Bento for iPad the (almost) perfect copy of the desktop version. Based on Bento for iPhone, the application has been optimized to make the most of the large iPad display. It allows users to manage contacts, track projects, plan events and much more and can be used alone and synchronized with Bento 3 for Mac. The application also offers new notebook, clipboard and glass effect themes that can be applied to any Bento library to improve the appearance of the database. It includes 25 predefined customizable templates that range from event planning to hourly billing, from recipes to lessons, from diet programs to much more. On sale for € 3.99.

Bento iPad

3 – 1 Password for iPad iPad much closer to a desktop computer or laptop than an iPhone is and as such it is also used to go on the Internet, check personal sites, your email accounts also on the Internet and access many functions that require a password. In these situations, an important hand can be given by 1Password for iPad. The program does more than just store passwords for a site, but also remembers credit card numbers and pins. On sale for € 5.49.

1Passwrod iPad

2 – Print n Share fo Advanced Printing One of the things iPad doesn't print. But on the App Store some applications remedy this problem and among the most significant in this field there is definitely Print n Share for Advaced Printig. The program allows you to print documents from iPad using a Wi-Fi printer or one connected to any computer thanks to an ad hoc application. The program that interfaces Print n Share for Advanced Printing can also be placed on a USB stick and carried with it to print on a work or client computer and even print via 3G network on a remote machine. It is also possible to use the application to mount the iPad as an external disk and exchange files. On sale for € 5.49.

1 – Pages, Keynote and Numbers Those who think about personal productivity applications on iPad cannot fail to put iWorks first. The package already available on Mac was the first suite to write (with Pages) to create spreadsheets (with Numbers) and presentations (with Keynote) on iPad. The three programs are not comparable to those for the desktop, but they are certainly the closest to a complete solution similar to Microsoft Office exists on the Apple tablet. Compatible with Mac files and also with Office files. Simply indispensable Pages, Numbers and Keynote are offered on the App Store each for 7.99 euros.

Pages iPad