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Because the fake bots like them (and how to strip them)

Fake Bot

One of the realities that are increasingly gaining ground in the online are the "fake bots" or programs that can "inflate" any type of metric.

A decade ago a piece of Caparezza was prophetically singing:

… everyone is in the window, everyone is someone.

It was a lot of Myspace, but with Facebook as a starting point and then Instagram, everyone really wants to become someone.

For this reason, the market for IT explodedincrease in followers, dellincrease of like, of the buy visits. All strictly BOT which seems to have more value than the homonymous government bonds, not that it takes much, but this is another story.

Fake Bot

What are BOTs and why they invade the Net

THE BOT what we are interested in in this article are not even the most evolved (and useful) software able to support a call-and-answer with a user in a first phase of Customer Service but the programs that simulate in all and for all a followers on Instagram, or one visit to the site.

In large proportions, these fake BOT they can alternate in full the perception that a social profile or even the analytic profile of a site, polluting i real data with inflated numbers allinverosimile. If we were to look at the issue from a purely ethical point of view, it should be said that this is a blunder in no uncertain terms, but with the typical cynicism of those who do marketing, it is crap that helps to sell, in some cases. Otherwise i fake BOT would be a practice already fallen into disuse.

But what does it mean that the fake fans, the inflated visits and the likes generated by users who have never trampled this Earth, help-to-sell?

Because false followers and fake visits are used

I don't like hiding behind a monitor and lecturing from a digital pulpit, using denigrative terms for an instrument. Because this is what it is, even when it comes to fake BOT: of a tool, folded for quicker, faster, more seductive economic reasons; citing the characteristics of the Dark Side considered by Yoda.

Again, if it didn't work there would be no sites like SEOclerks or SMOnutz, even physical machines or continuous experimentation. To date, i fake BOT work for:

  1. Attack the competitors.
  2. Improve your performance.
  3. Try social.

Of the various attacks Black Hat I have already talked about it in a previous article to its competitors, but today it is very easy to fill a competing structure with some bogus reviews or massively buy fake fans to a competitor to perform a future public action action (aka sputtanamento).

On the improve your performance with fake BOTs, the most ethical would like to use the more specific term dopare but in a sector where the rules in this regard are fleeting, let me use specifically improve; considering also business models that look more at quantitative data than at qualitative data (see the editorial portals and the related editorial collection). In this case, continuing with Soviet comparisons, like the old story according to which only left shoes were produced to comply with the five-year production plans.

In the same way, to pursue numerical needs of users ever more detached from reality, here follows allpurchase of fake visits.

Finally, the leverage is perhaps more powerful social proof that leads to the purchase of metaphorical metrics or to put it in the oxfordian vanity metrics that, in certain areas, also become a business vehicle, see the field of fashion or visual in general, where the size of the sequel no matter the quality or truthfulness are much more important to quality. To say the opposite or distort the mouth, in my opinion, damn hypocrite.

How to strip the fake BOTs

There are on the net decides to fake checkers able to make a more or less true percentage of followers of a profile and the quality of the developed interactions. Just search on Google, perhaps adding the social media to be more specific.

For the bogus visits, also considered the constant evolution of fake BOTs, more and more specific in simulating even the customer journey, it is possible to use tools such as SEMRush that give the pulse of the situation about the traffic (from Organic Search) of a site, based on the real placements obtained.

These are practices that need skills in theory within the reach of a standard jobseeker, but which actually seem to be not very widespread.

Or, to confirm a cynical suspicion, simply it no longer matters to anyone to discern real users from bots.