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BBEdit 6.1 Lite the ideal freeware for texts also on X.

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Is this a new model of PowerBook? Of an OS X version, 200 times faster than the current one? Still not.We are talking about a precious tool, cataloged in the category of "essentials", a real completely free handyman tool.

This is BBEdit 6.1 in the long-awaited "Lite" version, a universally known software, on which, of course, you don't need to spend too many words on its text editor functions. The package to download enough content (about 4.2 Mb), also considering that inside there are both applications, both for OS 9, and charred for X. Rather, waiting for a more in-depth field test, let's go through the attached files: a full-bodied manual, a readme and a list of new features of this version.

– Compared to the previous 4.6 Lite, support is added to Navigation Services and the Appearance Manager, both introduced with MacOS 8; – now BBEdit can manage all the graphic formats recognized by QuickTime and even manages to play the movies that QT recognizes; – support of the settings of the "Internet" control panel, both under traditional OS and under X. A new menu, indicated with a glob, gives quick access to the programs associated with the various Internet services (News, eMail, FTP, Browser, etc.); – new capabilities text editing; – search and selection of text elements, extended by adding new meta-characters; – increased support for plug-ins, including those working with BBEdit commercial version

All the rest remains to find out for yourself, with the intense use, that a software of this caliber deserves to be downloaded from the BareBones Software website