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Bat Sharing, all car and bike sharing services in a single map

Bat Sharing, all car and bike sharing services in a single map

Bat Sharing allows you to compare all the available services quickly and easily in a single application, cars and bicycles

Bat Sharing

A sea of ​​sharing services in a single, simple application. We are talking about Bat Sharing, the app signed Emiliano Saurin available completely free of charge for both iOS and Android.Car2Go devices, Enjoy, Twist, but also Eqsharing and the two ATM GuideMi and BikeMi services: the choice for users in Milan, Rome and Florence who want a vehicle very large rental transport, although not all services are available in every city.

To verify the relative availability for this moment it was necessary jump from one application to another, without having the opportunity to quickly compare the options available.

Thanks to Bat Sharing, use the car and bicycle sharing services sar much easier. Lapp in fact, after initially asking permission to identify the user's position, shows in a single map all available sharing services. By entering the settings, the user can also select the services to be visible with a simple click.

Bat Sharing_02.001

And opl, the game made and your next vehicle can be chosen by checking a single map.


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