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Back to Bed is the app of the week that can be downloaded for free for iPad and iPhone

Back to Bed is the app of the week that can be downloaded for free for iPad and iPhone


Back to Bed available free for a limited period.

Each week, as you know, an app or game is chosen from the App Store which is referred to as the App of the Week. Thanks to this initiative, anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad can download the app in question for free for a short period.

Awarded and presented as the app of the week,Back to Bedfor a few days from today it will be available for free on iPad and iPhone.

Back to Bed Features:

Back to bed a 3D puzzle set in an exclusive and artistic dream world, where you guide the sleepwalker Bob safely in his bed. To achieve this, you must take control of Bob's subconscious guardian named Subob. The couple travels through a surreal dream world similar to a painting, full of objects used to guide Bob to his bed, but also full of dangers that must be avoided!

No advertising or in-app purchases.


Exclusive surreal and artistic game universe: a strange, but beautiful, dream universe that mixes elements of the real world and the world of dreams to create something unique, surreal and sometimes a little frightening.

Puzzle with isometric levels: travel between detailed 3D puzzles that challenge the laws of physics, where the player must manipulate the strange environment to create a safe path for Bob and avoid the dangers of the puzzle.

Two characters in one: plays the role of the personified subconscious, in the form of a small guardian creature who tries to save his sleepwalking body from the dangers of the dream world.

Picturesque visual style: discover the sensation of playing in a work of art set in a digital frame. A visual style inspired by the techniques of manual painting, surrealist art and impossible shapes.

Nightmare mode: unlocks a more challenging version of the game, created for those who really want to test their puzzle solving skills, have fun thinking more moves in advance or for those who are simply too obstinate to give up.

MFI Controller support

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