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Babelmenu, at a restaurant abroad as in Italy

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Babelmenu, at a restaurant abroad as in Italy –

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Those who go abroad and are not very familiar with languages ​​know it well. You can find a road, you can visit a monument or check in at the hotel but when you sit at the table and the waiter presents us with the menu the obstacle can become unsurpassed and perhaps even dangerous for those who have allergies or intolerances to particular foods or ingredients. To remove the obstacle, you can grab an iPhone or an iPod tuch, go to the App Store and buy Babelmenu.

The application developed by Marco De Girolamo a database that includes 1500 international dishes, divided into 19 categories, translated into 4 languages, complete with ingredients, description and photos. There are 3 search tabs, including a full-text enabled on the 4 dictionaries. Features have been implemented to include or exclude vegetarian, spicy, high cholesterol and sugar dishes with a single click, information that will always be visible on the detail sheet.

The software localized in 4 languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish. A database update is expected shortly which will include food additions and new languages.

Babelmenu costs € 3.99

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