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AVG Antivirus Free and much more for Android devices

AVG Antivirus Free and much more for Android devices

With everything we do with a smartphone, we cannot neglect the security of our data, and this need inevitably sends us back to the use of an antivirus. For those with a deviceAndroid, be it a smartphone or tablet, I want to report AVG Antivirus Free,a free application that went beyond the simple concept of antivirus and allows a wider protection thanmalware, spyware, scams and dangerous text messages, which secure personal data with the blocking of the app (free for 30 days only) and the photo archive.

AVG Antivirus Freedownloadable for free fromPlay Store, turns out to be one of the best antivirus for Android, because in addition to to protectfrom threats from malicious apps or viruses, it has features that concern the general management of the terminal.

Let's see what are the main functions of the app AVG Antivirus Freenot only as an antivirus, but also as an appprotection from malware, spyware and dangerous SMS messages to keep personal data on the device safe with the app lock and photo archive.

  1. Block viruses and malware and easy to use. It works on all versions of the Android operating system. Through a widget you can access the main features of the app directly from the home screen. The four widget buttons can be easily customized to use nine tools of your choice.
  2. Find and protect your phone in case of loss or theft. Ensures protection in the event of theft or loss thanks to the possibility oftrack and checkthe smartphone remotely. Locate the phone, display a message on the screen to increase the possibility of returning and protect personal data by blocking or deleting the contents.
  3. Call barring and SMS. Protects against spam, hackers and fraud. Not only does it warn the user of suspicious text messages, but it also allows you to filter and block unwanted calls and messages.
  4. Protects the device. You can make calls, download music, videos and applications, and surf the Web in peace, anywhere, knowing you have complete protection. Scan apps, scan files, optimize security settings, check web pages in real time.
  5. Performance enhancement. Optimization of archive and battery performance and monitoring of data plan usage.

It also includes a series of important safeguards for protecting privacy, such as a protected archive of your private photos, where a password is required to open it. You can also delete call histories and delete contacts, messages, and format the SD card and restore the device to factory settings.