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Augmented reality, the apps still don't convince

Augmented reality, the apps still don't convince

Below their potential, AR apps do not surprise users who are waiting for something more creative and engaging.

Augmented Reality(Photo: Wikipedia)

The first augmented reality (AR) apps, or augmented reality app, made their first appearance in various apps four years ago. Since then little changed e no significant growth was recorded in their use by users. These are applications that interact with the surrounding reality and enrich the perception of users through information otherwise inaccessible. Born in the military and research field, they then spread to the public in various fields through smartphones but, to date, have not yet caught the attention of users.

The main problem that currently there are many examples of AR apps that offer some interesting additional features but that, at the same time, most users now used to performing independently and in other ways.Also very difficult to produce high level augmented reality: just a small mistake in the app, in fact, to generatea lack of coordination with reality and a big loss of quality, even in terms of usability.

The biggest limit probably given by the current state of smartphone technology which does not yet allow us to express the true potential of this type of application. There is still a lack of a creative idea, which involves more users and which can therefore start a growth for AR apps.


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