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AudioX 2.1: the audio software is updated

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REALmac has announced the new version of AudioX, an application that allows you to easily record from any sound source in Mac OS X, using for example the internal microphone, an external USB microphone or even a connected FireWire camera.

The use therefore is very varied: you can record sounds, import old vinyls or audio cassettes into the Mac and then transfer them to CD, record interviews, radio shows, etc.

The application uses compression parameters of the audio signal, you can control the gain of the incoming signal and you can add text notes to your files.

Here are the news and corrections of the new version: -Added a bar for displaying the level in the main window -Increased the recording length to 40 seconds for unregistered versions of the application -File size in the list view -A shortcut added keyboard for sound compression-Added a keyboard shortcut for the Play / Edit menus-Added the Auto Play option in the Edit / Play window-Fixed a bug in the preferences menu-Fixed a bug for redrawing the bar in Mac OS X 10.2-Fixed a bug at the recording time-Fixed a display bug in the export-Updated manual (added a chapter to convert the recordings to MP3) -Other small improvements

AudioX a shareware from the cost of $ 15 Dollars, you can use the demo version for recordings within 40 seconds.During beta testing an incompatibility was found with PowerBook G4 DVI: the developers let you know that the audio recording managed by a plug-in third party and that currently this plug-in does not yet support this PowerBook model. An update will be released in the future.

Thanks to Andrea Negrini who reported the application on the Musimac mailing list. (By Daniele Volpin)