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Attiva distributes Weber smart barbecues with iGrill probe in Italy

Attiva distribuisce in Italia i barbecue smart Weber con sonda iGrill

Weber one of the most famous brands in the USA for its practical, functional barbecues, characterized by an original design: a story that began back in 1952 in the United States and that now finally arrives in our country too: now Attiva distributes the entire range of Weber barbecues, including smart electric barbecues with iGrill technology.

It starts with the most recent and advanced devices, the Weber Pulse Series electric barbecues, with the 1000 and 2000 models that provide advanced electronic control and smart iGrill technology. An integrated probe, connected to the Weber iGrill app, detects the temperature and cooking status of the food, offering a unique cooking management experience.

A notification informs the user when steaks, hamburgers and skewers have reached the desired degree of cooking. In this way, just prepare the barbecue and let your smartphone notify you when the food is ready, according to your preferences. Lapp Weber iGrill includes preset temperatures, food and barbecue temperature monitoring and many other smart and cutting-edge functions

Weber Pulse 1000 and 2000 offer enamelled cast iron cooking grates. They hold the heat evenly to create the famous cooking streaks on the grill that everyone loves. For best results and to prevent food from sticking to the racks, simply clean the preheated racks with a grill brush before each cooking. The grease collection system on both models makes cleaning and disposal of residues simple.

Weber Pulse 1000 measures 41 × 31 cm and has a power of 1800 watts indicated for direct cooking of small pieces of meat such as steaks, hamburgers, skewers and so on. The largest Weber Pulse 2000 measures 49 × 39 cm and has a power of 2200 watts, suitable for cooking larger pieces of meat, such as a whole chicken, a roast beef or a smoked loin.Attiva distributes Weber smart barbecues with iGrill probe in Italy

We would like to remind you that Attiva also distributes all the other Weber barbecue models in Italy: in addition to the traditional gas, charcoal and portable models, including all accessories including the additional probes iGrill 2 and iGrill Mini.