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AT&T: the price is yet to be determined for the iPhone 3G

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AT&T: the price yet to be determined for the iPhone 3G logomacitynet1200wide 1

For now, At & T has not yet thought about new rates for a "possible" new iPhone. This is what Reuters learns from attending a conference with AT&T chief financial officer Rick Lindner.

The CFO in particular, after being pressed, admitted that the company has not yet established sales prices and price lists for the new and highly anticipated iPhone 3G: "There hasn't been a product announcement yet. No pricing decision has yet been made. "

Of course, the impatience of waiting does not only affect users and enthusiasts: Lindner's new statements further clarify the importance of Apple's smartphone for AT&T business. So from the chief financial officer of the number one telecommunications company in the United States, it is learned that 2 and a half million users have purchased iPhones, in addition, the average monthly expenditure for each user is around 100 dollars. The figures differ only slightly from the data previously released by Lindner and reported by Macity.

This is a high expense, equal to almost double the average of the typical AT&T mobile phone users. Lindner says that the expense of iPhone users in the US is very similar to that of users of RIM's BlackBerry Curve smartphone. Once again, the two different philosophies of smartphones proposed respectively by Apple and RIM come to direct confrontation, not only for technical specifications and functionality but also for tariff plans and monthly user expenses.

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