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ATI, superfast RAM for graphics cards

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ATI yesterday presented the specifications for a new type of chip for memory management aimed solely at managing graphics cards.

The new design updates the one used in DDR RAM, the most commonly used in today's PCs, to the GDDR3 version.

The scheme, according to ATI, would guarantee the processing of data up to speeds of 800 MHz (with a debut at 500 MHz), against only 400 MHz possible at the current DDR, surpassing one of the most annoying and limiting bottlenecks for the capacities of the cards graphics.

In fact, while the manufacturers of graphics processors continue to make progress in the field of speed of the main GPU that manages the graphics card, which has not happened in recent years for the chips that manage memory. So the most current and concrete risk is that in the face of more powerful cards, the rendering speed on the screen is limited by the low speed of the RAM memories.

ATI's GDDR3 has obtained the support of some important companies engaged in the field of memory manufacturers, such as Infineon, Elpida and Hynix Semiconductor. Chips that use this format are expected on the market in the middle of next year.

Recall that the chip makers, under the aegis of the JEDEC trade group, have already completed the specifications for the heir of DDR, DDR-II, whose appearance on PCs expected for the end of next year.