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ATI on the attack, Nvidia in difficulty

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The war of graphics chips shows no sign of dying.

The aggressiveness with which ATI is responding to the attack by Nvidia, for some time a leader both in terms of market share and performance, has overheated the climate.

Over the past few weeks the Markham company in the state of Ontario has released a series of really interesting products both in terms of performance and in terms of price.

An attack that started with the very powerful Radeon 9700 based on the R300 chip and continued with the Radeon 9000, the latter to undermine the Nvidia GeForce 4MX that caught by surprise struggling to respond.

Now the siege continues with ATI ready to present two other card models based on the excellent R300 chip in a simplified version: the Radeon 9700 and the Radeon 9500. Cards based on this technology should arrive by the end of autumn, well before the launch of the NV30 processor to which Nvidia entrusts all its recovery prospects.

According to some sources, in fact, Nvidia would have decided to defer the release of the NV30 to try to change its characteristics by bringing the pipelines to eight from the six planned so as to better contrast the Radeon 9700 Pro.

A delay that could allow ATI to add even more arrows to its bow, presenting the chips of the R350 generation and shortly after the RV350, the first ATI processor founded on 0.13 micron circuitry.

Before that, Nvidia would entrust its response capabilities on the market to the NV18 chip, based on AGP 8x technology and destined to take the place of the NV17 which is the basis of the current GeForce 4MX that we also find on the Mac.

According to some sources, the NV18 would be able to effectively counter the R250 and in the top versions the R300 in the "light" version used in the future Radeon 9500, cards that occupy the lucrative medium range.