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Ati in red but recovering

Ati in red but recovering logomacitynet1200wide 1

ATI was waiting for a difficult test with the fiscal report of the quarter, a test that has passed if not with flying colors with a good score.The main manufacturer of graphics cards for OEM in the world, in fact, has scored a, in some ways, unexpected + 10% in sales compared to the previous quarter with an infinitesimal balance sheet red (2 cents per share) and lower than expected on Wall Street which was 4 cents per share. The merit of the reduction in expenses and of a higher gross margin on products than previously forecasted. The forecasts for the company in Merkham, Ontario, are good for the future, even if not for the immediate one. By the end of 2001, important new products will be introduced on the market (including the Radeon 200) and the effects of the new strategies (including the sale of chips to third parties for the production of cards) should begin to be felt. In addition to this, new markets, such as the consoles (Nintendo's Game Cube uses an ATI processor for graphics acceleration) will also give life to the balance sheet. ATI's prospects are for a return to profit in the first quarter of 2002

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