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ATI, first specifications of the chips of the future

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ATI, first specifications of the chips of the future – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The development of new graphics cards based on the new RV 250 and RV 300 chips is proceeding rapidly at ATI. According to some sources, the Canadian company has made substantial progress over the last few weeks, setting the summer as the approximate date for their release.

To appear first would be cards based on the RV 250 chip, a mid-range processor intended to take the place of those used in the Radeon 7500. It would be a processor with 300 MHz speed, Pixel Shader 1.4 and Vertex shader 1.1. An economic version would also be produced, the lower cost RV 250LE.

The top product would be based on the RV 300 chip, a real "monster" with 8 rendering lines and 16 textures support, 4 vertex shader engines, 128 MB of 256-bit DDR memory. Here too, an LE version of lower cost and performance should be released. Just on an RV 300, according to some sources, the Doom III demonstration was conducted at E3 in Los Angeles. We also remember that John Carmack, creator of Doom, previously a "fan" of Nvidia, said that ATI's future products will be decidedly revolutionary and superior to those expected by Nvidia.

Not to be excluded that the release times of the new ATI chips may coincide with the announcements of the Macworld Expo and a new card, perhaps with the RV 250 chip, will debut on the renewed G4s which according to someone will be presented in New York.

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