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At Uber's run-up, taxi drivers launch their apps

At Uber's run-up, taxi drivers launch their apps

While Minister Lupi soon promises a public transport reform, the radio taxi companies try to launch their apps to compete Uber. But the numbers do not give him reason for now

(Photo: LaPresse)(Photo: LaPresse)

A new meeting ended with promises for the future and little concrete. And so the controversy between taxi drivers and institutions goes on, while in the background Uber continues to grow. Wednesday evening Maurizio Lupi has guaranteed that it will be issued by July a ministerial decree regulating the taxi-NCC ratio and that it goes beyond the law 21 of 1992. In the past days the manager of Uber Italy Benedetta Arese Lucini had launched his proposal: open the platform also to the drivers of white cars. The idea of ​​UberTaxi to many had appeared provocative, but the Roman president of Federtaxi Carlo di Alessandro had said he was willing to evaluate it.

In the public service, perhaps, the conviction is mounting without technological innovation the battle lost leaving. Something is moving, if it is true that after the recent meeting at the ministry the representatives of the Milan radiotaxis have confirmed the possibility of a common app.

Actually, it already exists, now answer from Union Craftsmen. Is called TaxiYoo and was designed and built in Italy by Athirar in full compliance with the rules, organization secretary Marco Accornero wrote in a letter to the Minister and mayor of Milan Pisapia. The app was launched in November, works via GPS and has a client version and a taxi driver version.

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available for iPhone and Android, but few know it and still use it less. This thwarts the efforts, at least until the association's advertising campaign gives results. The download numbers are very low, as well as difficult to know what users think because the reviews are latit. Yet in Milan there is not much competition and when we have to call a taxi we continue to pick up the phone or two fingers in the street.

The most viable alternative for get a ride via smartphone in town RadioTaxi 028585, developed by Gulliver for iOS 6.0 and Android. The app has a longer life, has exceeded 5 thousand installations and more user comments. They are all or almost positive, many enthusiasts. Simple and functional, as described. On 56 reviews of Google Play, it deserves an average of 3.9 (out of 5).

He stops at an altitude of 3.5, with 63 votes, TaxiMilano. lapp of the radio-taxi service 024040 and also in this case, after registration, the GPS reads our position and we can choose between the different cars and between solutions with or without a credit card. C who says it works perfectly, who complains instead failure to book a car for the next day. More than one user asks for explanations of frequent system crashes and would like a slimmer registration.

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<p>Even less choice is available to citizens and tourists in Rome. <strong>In the capital the most used app is Call Taxi</strong> of the 060609 service, sponsored by the Mobility Agency. For the moment only for Android. The comments, about twenty, are generally positive, although some criticize the delays and claim that only a few hundred drivers use it on the thousands of professionals working in Rome.</p><div class='code-block code-block-7' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Same number of reviews for Green Consulting's Roma Taxi which, as the developers explain, call the vehicle closest to your location automatically or take you to the nearest taxi station and dedicated to tourists and business people. Again designed for Android, but many customers advise against: useless and dangerous, write two of them.

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<p><strong>Instead, It Taxi and Cabeo operate throughout the Italian territory</strong>. The first, produced by Microtek for the Unione Italiana Radiotaxi, can be downloaded for iPhone and Android. It has undergone continuous updates in recent months, the reviews are on average positive and the vote on Google Play 3.9. Cabeo born last autumn from an idea of ​​young Italian entrepreneurs. It has two versions for customers and taxi drivers and is trying to extend to Milan, Rome and Turin. Excellent idea and excellent service, comments those who have tried it. But only a few have ever done so.</p><div class='code-block code-block-9' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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