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At trial the author of I Love You

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The author of I Love You

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Investigators in the Philippines who investigated the case of the spread of the "I Love you" virus, asked the Manila city court to prosecute the alleged perpetrators for theft and violation of the rules that govern access to private documentation, in particular the illegal use of passwords and confidential codes. These would be the only laws that would allow Onel de Guzman, who according to investigators would be "the torus" who has caused damage to hundreds of billions of dollars around the world, to go to court. "We have no other legislation to bring the perpetrator of a cyber crime – the Philippine federal police chief Federico Opinion said. Those identified by the police are however very serious charges that can bring up to 20 years in prison if confirmed in court. Despite the suspicion that other people have been suspected of spreading the virus in recent weeks, the police confirm that the only accused will be just by de Guzman. "We believe he did it all by himself," investigators say. De Guzman's lawyer in the past admitted that his client may have accidentally released the virus.

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