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At the Netscape fair also a part for iMovie 2?

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In recent days, in this regard, there have been rumors about the possibility that the application for homemade video-editing could make its debut in a version 2.0 that would no longer be granted only bundled with iMacs, but also sold as a separate product. The indiscretion circulated with insistence after Mac The Knife had mentioned it first. According to the anonymous but always very well informed author of the Web page published by MacWeek, iMovie 2 would have new features in the interface, new features and, unlike the version 1.0, would be supported on all Apple machines. The price for the sale should be competitive, at least for the target audience: 99 $. Apart from iMovie 2 it is difficult that, despite the massive presence of Apple, other news can be seen with the Apple in Los Angeles, except for MacOs 9.04. In fact, it seems that the possibility that a revision of the iMac could make its debut at Internet World seems to have come back, even though the public and the context could be favorable to the launch of a machine that has always been promoted in Cupertino as the best way to connect to the Internet. The waiver of Steve Jobs to hold the keynote, on the other hand, an important index of the fact that Apple has nothing in store for Inyternet World, and perhaps it is precisely having realized that a keynote with nothing to show had not much sense has led the iCeo to give way to Steve Case. The CEO of America On Line, unlike Jobs, instead something interesting to show there will have. This is the 6.0 version of Netscape, the first real upgrading for a couple of years to this part of the browser now owned by the largest American provider. As our readers will know Nescape 6 the first visible fruit of the Mozilla project launched two years ago when the helm company was still independent and in control of much of the market. Then, to try to stop Internet Explorer, an internal team was entrusted with the development of an entirely new product that would have been created using the Open Source method. At the base of the new browser is also a new HTML rendering engine called Gecko. Since then a lot of water has passed, perhaps too much, under the bridge and a lot changed on the Internet market. IE, in fact, the standard for all platforms, Nescape arrived at version 4.7 a pachyderm that struggles to move from one HTML page to another, so much so that it is undermined by surfers promoted by independent companies such as Opera and, for the Mac world, iCab. In addition to this, the company that started the Internet revolution no longer exists, it was purchased from America On Line while in a long agony it was about to fall prey to rigor mortis. In the hands of AOL, the Gecko / Mozilla project went ahead but very slow, mainly due to the continuous hemorrhage of engineers and technicians. All those who helped launch the first commercial browser have in fact left the company by monetizing the Netscape shares that converted into AOL shares made them become billionaires overnight. Only in recent days the news that the new browser called Netscape 6 ( the version 5 was skipped, perhaps to bring forward a number compared to Internet Explorer), it would have made its Internet World debut. It is only a development version (a beta), but enough to reawaken hopes in that part of the world that still does not digest the Microsoft browser. Its features seem revolutionary compared to the old Communicator, above all, finally, it should be of an agile product (just over 5 MB of download) and based on modern techniques such as modularity. Gecko, in particular, seems to have convinced more than one of the IT players. Nokia and IBM, for example, have announced that they intend to license the engine for use in mobile phones and devices for Internet browsing in the next release. Do you want to challenge IE?