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At the beginning of 2017 an iPad without frames or Home button

At the beginning of 2017 an iPad without frames or Home button

This is revealed by some sources in the Asian supply chain from Apple: one of the three models coming out in March will be a real novelty

The new 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Rumors are circulating about the new Apple tablets that should arrive on the market next year. Some sources from the supply chain of the house in Cupertino would have confided in these hours with the analysts of Barclays Research, not only confirming to them some of the details already emerged on the next iPad, but also providing unpublished information.

As emerged already a few months ago, it seems that the new version of the tablet will come into three different cuts: a 9.7-inch, a 12.9-inch e an unprecedented 10.9-inch screen. The biggest model will be an update of the current iPad Pro, while the smaller one will be a low-cost variant; according to analysts, the most interesting is the 10.9-inch cut, because it is vanter a display without frames.

The physical dimensions of the gadget would be very similar to those of the smaller model while mounting a larger screen. Not only that: with no frames available, the new 10.9-inch iPad could be the first portable device in the Cupertino home get rid of the physical Home button, even before the next iPhone.

The decision may come as a surprise, but it would not be the first time that Apple has experimented elsewhere that will then be used en masse in its smartphones: the linear actuator at the base of 3D touch, for example, was used for the first time on Apple Watch and Macbook. In any case, the three iPads should see the light in March next year: more details will emerge over the weeks.


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