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At last they won't be able to unlock the Pixel 4 while you sleep

Anche Pixel 4 potrà essere sbloccato solo a occhi aperti

It took several months, but finally the facial unlock on Google's Pixel 4 becomes more secure, and you will not have to worry now that someone will unlock the terminal while you are sleeping: yes, because now you will need to keep your eyes open in order to use the Face Unlock.

As anticipated by the multinational in October last year, Google released an April security update for Pixel 4, which adds the optional "request your eyes open" setting. Once enabled in the Face Unlock menu, the terminal will ask the user to keep their eyes open before being unlocked: this certainly adds extra security, considering that the user must be awake, or in any case have to look at the device, to have access to it.

Even Pixel 4 can only be unlocked with your eyes open

The update also fixes other annoying Bluetooth problems, including loss of audio and memory, which prevented further Bluetooth LE connections to the device. It is a security patch, therefore, which adds functionality and resolves known problems to the terminal; if you have not already done so, it will be appropriate to update.

Recall that the unlocking of the latest generation Google terminals even when the user has his eyes closed had aroused perplexity and also concerns, for the risk of being accessed by unauthorized people when the rightful owner sleeps, unconscious or worse. This is also taking into account that Apple has offered a higher level of sharpness as standard since iPhone X, released in September 2017. It took over two years for Google to make available a security function that iPhone has been standard for some time.

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