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At IFA the preview of the news for Navigon's iPhone software

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As we reported in recent days NAVIGON is about to release version 1.2 of its software with features that make navigation even more convenient and pleasant: Text-to-Speech, iPod Control, Location Sharing, in addition to the automatic change between day and night mode .

You can discover a part of these news directly in the preview format that we shot at the IFA.

"NAVIGON's Text-to-Speech function based on the SVOX Mobile software is useful for orientation, especially in urban areas: it reads the names of the streets, allowing the driver to concentrate completely on the road in front of him, avoiding distracting him from the guide to read the names of the most difficult streets.

Two new functions instead improve the part dedicated to "fun": the integration of the iPod Control simple and fast in setting the playlist required while browsing. Just select the iPod symbol on the map to choose the playlist, titles and albums, listen to the songs or leave the device to generate a random collection of songs. Another touch and the user can go back to browsing. When the software then makes an acoustic announcement, the volume of the music goes down.

With the Location Sharing function (which we do not show in the video) it is possible to select an address or a POI such as, for example, a restaurant or a museum, and simply send it via email to friends and acquaintances. If the recipient also has MobileNavigator, he can easily click on the link in the email to reach the meeting point via the fastest route: the navigation software starts automatically as soon as the link is activated and guides the user directly to their destination. It allows us to conveniently exchange destinations and locations.

With the automatic change between day and night mode, the color of the map varies according to the time to always guarantee optimal display clarity. Thanks to this, we can recognize our way as quickly as possible, improve orientation and ensure greater safety while driving. "

For all users who have already purchased NAVIGON MobileNavigator, the update to version 1.2 will be free

The video shot (unfortunately without a tripod) at the IFA is below