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At CES 2018 Zolo Liberty +, Anker's true Wireless headphones that challenge AirPods

At CES 2018 Zolo Liberty +, Anker's true Wireless headphones that challenge AirPods

Already on sale on Amazon Italy, yet also on display at CES 2018: they are the Anker Zolo Liberty + headphones, a real alternative to AirPods. These are true wireless headphones, which fall into the same market segment as Apple's wireless earphones.

Just like for Apple earphones, these are completely wireless peripherals, therefore without any wire connecting the two earphones. The shape totally differs from that of AirPods, remaining a little more traditional, with less elongated shapes.

Like Cupertino's wireless earphones, they have a transport case that can recharge them, which brings the overall autonomy to around 48 hours even during travel and travel. Once fully charged, the earphones still ensure music playback for about 3 and a half hours.

Although they do not have the advanced and practical AirPods coupling system, automatic with all the user's computers and iOS devices, Zolo Loberty + benefit from Push and Go technology, which simplifies synchronization, making it faster, while with double press of the multi-function button, you can activate the virtual assistants, Siri on iOS and Google Assistant on Android.

Designed with GripFit technology, Anker ensures a comfortable and at the same time secure hold inside the auricle, simply by inserting them inside the cavities and rotating them to ensure them at best. Included in the package, the earphones also offer silicone EarTips rubbers and Grip Jackets of different sizes, to better adapt them to the user's ears.

The model photographed at CES 2018, Zolo Libery + has a cost of 129.99 euros on Amazon, while the previous model, Liberty, can be purchased for 99.99 euros in the white color, and at 89.99 euros in black.