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At CES 2018 the new Triby Invoxia: speaker with Homekit, Airplay and intercom

At CES 2018 the new Triby Invoxia: speaker with Homekit, Airplay and intercom

Presented in the USA in the great technological event of the CES 2018, the new Triby Invoxia certainly has unusual characteristics common to many of the French company's products: it is difficult to find elsewhere a portable speaker so versatile and "communicative" and above all capable of functioning also as a selector of scenes (15) with Homekit at the press of its 6 buttons.

The new model has an even more linear and essential aesthetic and has grown in its communication skills. With Triby it will be possible to listen to your music in bluetooth connection with the phone but also to use the web radio with spotify or make calls or use the intercom with the dedicated app and finally control the house with Homekit or Alexa.

The new Triby has a remarkable presence due to its size and this thanks to the passive radiator combined with stereo speakers and the intervention of a DSP that helps the definition of highs and lows. Thanks to the battery on board able to work for 12 hours continue streaming through Wi-Fi. Under normal conditions, the battery can last three weeks between charges.

The screen made with E-innk to ensure maximum readability and low battery consumption and the casing is protected by a layer of silicone that allows it to be used in any condition and with maximum protection.

It is also a Homekit controller

Thanks to Triby dedicated programmable buttons that can control peripherals with Homekit such as controlled sockets, relays and lamps: in any case it is necessary to have at home or an appropriate Apple TV or iPad that acts as a bridge with the system in order to manage the entire complex of Homekit devices in the house… On board you will also find a temperature and humidity sensor.

When available in Italy you can also use Triby to dictate the commands and questions to Alexa to find out time, news etc. Thanks to the dedicated app and hardware features you can use Triby as an intercom with your computer or with other Triby installed in home.

For more information, see the Invoxia website.

The retail price of 199 Euro including VAT but not difficult to find it at lower prices on Amazon.