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At CES 2018 Moodo, you can perfume your home with iPhone

At CES 2018 Moodo, you can perfume your home with iPhone

At CES 2018 Modoo, a small capsule station that, in combination with the companion app for iPhone, perfumes the home, restoring that typical aroma of "The Gardens of Kanazawa", "Beach Party" and other acnora.

Simple and easy operation: the machine is filled with perfume, housing the four pods in the respective holes, and the device is paired via WiFi with the smartphone application. From here it is possible to start the diffusion of aromas. It also supports Alexa, for voice control through Amazon's digital assistant.

ces 2018 modoo

Currently on display at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Modoo has a cost of 199 euros in the basic version, while a complete kit of four pods, can be purchased separately for 29.95 euros. Through application, in addition to starting, or stopping, the diffusion of aromas, it will also be possible to change the intensity of each pod through, ask Alexa to select the aroma diffusion mode, which can also be random, or choose to adjust automatically diffusion levels, to prevent the perfume from being too strong and intrusive.

Modoo can be purchased on the official website: the starter pack, which includes the machine and three families of capsules, costs 199 euros. A battery version is also available, which eliminates cables and wires around the house, at a cost of 219 euros.

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