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ASUS ProArt display, premium warranty ready: it lasts five years

ASUS ProArt display, premium warranty ready: it lasts five years

Asus recently announced an extended warranty for ProArt PA and PQ series monitors purchased and registered in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The total coverage period has been extended by two years, resulting in a total of five years of warranty.

The ProArt displays tested by our editorial staff at the IFA in Berlin and at some Asus events are designed for content creators who work in the professional and prosumer fields: therefore all those who, for example, deal with film production, 3D design, digital photography but not only. Each ProArt display designed to offer professional-level image quality – especially from the point of view of color accuracy, so as to allow a faithful reproduction of what were the projects envisaged – thanks to the implementation of the most recent and advanced technologies available for this category of product.

For example, Asus ProArt displays integrate the new DisplayHDR 1.1 specification, the industry's first fully open standard that outlines a specific definition regarding high-dynamic-range (HDR) output quality. Only recently formalized by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), DisplayHDR 1.1 ensures that creators who use ProArt displays rigorous performance standards, including in terms of brightness and color gamut.

Hence the drive to create the ProArt brand in the Asus home, whose purpose is precisely to improve the imagination potential of professionals. This commitment means embracing technologies such as mini LED backlighting, ASUS Smart HDR technology with Dolby Vision, HLG HDR and others.

As we said, those who rely on these screens Asus ProArt already enjoy a long three-year warranty, but starting from May 5, those who buy and then record a ProArt Display PA or PQ series monitor in EMEA will benefit from an additional two-year warranty. years, extending the total coverage to five years, in order to have more peace of mind for a longer period of time.

Even the ProArt Display PA or PQ models purchased from January 1, 2020 can benefit from this two-year warranty extension, after registration: click here to consult all the details on the new five-year warranty program.