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Asus Fonepad 7, the mini tablet that phones

Asus Fonepad 7, the mini tablet that phones

From Taiwan comes a smartphone in the body of a tablet, which boasts convincing technical features and an aggressive price

Price: starting from 199 euros. Vote: 8 More information: Asus website

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Take the old Nexus 7, the one from 2012. Now add a microsd card slot and one for the sim cards. Done? You practically have the hands on Fonepad 7, the latest tablet created by Asus that also acts as a telephone. The Taiwanese have always had the ball for experiments, and with the Fonepad they focus on a more than tested design to propose the definitive hybrid between smartphone and tablet.

The excellent starting point. The lines remain the balanced and compact lines of the first mini tablet from Google (whose manufacturer was just Asus), only a couple of details change. The first is the speakers, now placed frontally. The second is the back cover, covered with rubberized material and promoted with full marks: the fingers plant themselves firmly, ensuring a firm grip and in addition, by pressing on the surface, this also reveals a slight anti-stress softness.

The other big difference with the 7-bit Android tablet from the Taiwanese manufacturer lies in the processor: in the Fonepad body it beats an Intel Atom Z2560 dual core CPU supported by 1 GB of ram. The difference with the adversaries based on the most proven Arm for technology you don't even notice. The same Memo Pad HD 7 shows similar performances and an equally good autonomy, on the 9-10 hours of medium and continuous use. Rarely, however, will you find yourself keeping the tablet active for all that time in a row, and overall we are talking about a good result, especially considering that in the calculation including the possibility of making phone calls and surfing the Net through the 3G connection.

Fonepad 7 a faithful companion that simplifies your daily life. Easy to carry, convenient to use. Not overly powerful: transitions in the Android 4.2 operating system are all fluid, but some are noticed slight slowdowns in crisis situations, as in the flow of the most challenging web pages. Nothing tragic, though, especially because the Asus tablet is not designed to amaze you: the 1280 × 800 pixel screen, to take another example, very good for brightness, viewing angles and definition, but largely overcome by more noble adversaries.

The charm of the Taiwanese hybrid another. With a fraction of what your competitors ask you to take home a mini tablet that, if you wish, completely autonomous from any other device. From the Internet connection to the microsd card slot, you can make it an emergency productivity station: we have retouched photos taken from a compact, written papyrus by email, made calls and updated blogs and social networks, without wi-fi at layout and without opening the notebook.

And all at an attractive price. If the prospect appeals to you, Fonepad 7 can become your companion for a thousand adventures. If instead you can do without some features like 3G and the microsd slot, you can bet on even more convenient products like the Memo Pad HD 7 or the new Nexus 7.

Wired: Miracast technology allows you to send the video stream to the TVs that support it. Good speaker quality

Tired: undertone camera quality. Use it as a phone without uncomfortable earphones


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