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ARM presents the first 2GHz dual core Cortex A9 CPU

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ARM presents the first 2GHz dual core Cortex A9 CPU – logomacitynet1200wide 1

ARM today presented an evolution of Cortex A9 technology capable of supporting two computing cores and operating at 2GHz and beyond. For the English company which holds a dominant position for CPUs in the world of mobile phones and compact devices, this is an epochal turning point: for the first time, in fact, the engineering of the processor has been studied to maximize the performance provided instead of consumption (albeit always keeping in mind low energy consumption levels), this means for ARM customers who build processors the possibility of creating competitive processors with Intel Atoms and therefore of landing with confidence and satisfaction of end customers also in the world of netbooks.

A new 2GHz dual Cortex A9 based processor offers power consumption of 1.9 watts and can provide computing performance suitable for intensive, multimedia applications and in general to be integrated into real computers and are not in pocket devices such as it happens today with Cortex A8 chips. An optimized version will also be created to reduce consumption which will operate at 800MHz and with significantly lower consumption, equal to 0.5 Watt. ARM executives said that the performance provided by the faster model is superior to that offered today by Intel Atom, all offering at least double the autonomy compared to the Atom.

Recall that the ARM architecture also used in the processors that Apple has integrated into the iPhone and iPod touch in the single-core Cortex A8 version within a CPU built by Samsung. Still with the acquisition of PA Semi, which took place in April last year, today within Apple there is a team of engineers who are experts in ARM architecture and able to fully design the processors that in the future could be integrated into the pocket devices of the Apple, not only iPhone and iPod but also for new products not yet launched today, first of all the rumored Tablet.

For all these reasons, the novelty introduced today by ARM is particularly interesting. Following the ARM architecture road map, Apple could adopt the new slow clock Cortex A9 in the coming months as a starting point for iPhone and iPod touch. Faster versions like the 2 GHz dual core solution would be more suitable for different form factor devices and larger, such as a tablet.

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