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Arlo Go, the security camera goes on vacation

Arlo Go, la telecamera di sicurezza si porta in vacanza

Arlo Go, the security camera goes on vacation – Arlo Go, the security camera goes on vacation

A camera to keep an eye on the hotel room: Arlo Go, specially designed to reassure users on vacation. In fact, if today more and more people have installed a security system inside their home, when leaving for a trip there is nothing that can remove the anxiety of luggage left unattended inside the temporarily rented holiday home.

There is nothing, we said, to date: Arlo Go is in fact a compact and portable camera that was created to be used in these contexts. Instead of requesting a Wi-Fi network, not always available on vacation, it works with the mobile telephone network (3G and 4G LTE) so it is sufficient to buy a SIM with data traffic – today, thanks to Iliad's aggressive entry into Italy, the offers really are not are missing – to start using it.

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Through the dedicated app it will thus be possible to view the monitored place in live video at any time. Like other cameras of this type also Arlo Go equipped with an infrared system that allows you to warn the user in real time if it detects any movement in its field of vision.

In short, a caretaker always connected. If you have not yet left for the holidays, know that you can already buy it from the main electronics chains and on Amazon at a price of 399 euros.

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