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Are you cutting the Titanium list?

Are you cutting the Titanium list? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Titanium could undergo a significant list cut starting from next Saturday, at least on the American market. The news was released by Go2Mac, a site specializing in laptops, which claims to have learned it from reliable sources.The site also specifies the amount of discounts that would be $ 300, just over 600,000 lire for the 400 MHz version and well 500 $ for the 500 MHz version, or 1.2 million lire. If the indiscretion was confirmed it would be the first price drop on the list for a laptop for a long time now. Since Jobs' return, Apple has practically no longer publicly lowered official prices, preferring to operate in terms of promotions and bundles with other products and discounts to resellers who in turn were free to pass the discount to end customers or to set up bundles in turn. A price fall, if confirmed, could mean that Apple is about to introduce a new Titanium model or simply that having recovered the development and research costs, it tries to push sales, at this moment not to the brilliant February levels of The introduction of a new Titanium in late September until a few weeks ago was a highly accepted hypothesis. The rumors spoke of a machine with a burner and a new graphics card, perhaps a Radeon Mobility or a GeForce 2Go. Jobs said recently that during the AppleExpo in Paris, the site of the hypothesized launch of the Titanium 2, there will be no new product.

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