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Arbitration codes, tax and collection of laws on the iPhone

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If a Minister of Justice, in a television broadcast, pulls out his iPhone to read the article of a law, then it means that in the country's thousand courtrooms lawyers, magistrates and prosecutors are allowed to do the same, instead of to discard codes and regulatory collections.

For this reason, taking advantage of the market opportunity, the Maggioli Group has made available for iPhone and iPod touch another package of laws collected in codes. After publishing the first five legal codes (civil, penal and respective procedures, plus administrative code), now the turn of the Conciliation and Arbitration Code, of the Tax Code and of the Collection of Italian laws.

This is already a β€œmonstre” of 16 thousand documents classified in over ninety thematic areas and allows savings in terms of enormous portability. Of course, the iPhone has the promptness of updates and the immediacy of consultability, even in extemporaneous mode, as Minister Alfano demonstrated in a television lounge. For the iPad, the device that could really make a difference even in this particular sector.

The consultation (and annotability) of the regulations on the convenient and wide dispaly touch could become a de facto requirement for those who move in courtrooms or legal advice offices (or simply have to take university exams and prepare for competitions) in next months.

Italian Laws on sale for 19.99 euros on the App Store

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