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AquaGrep 1.0: refined text searches on Mac OS X

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Grep, a tool well known to users of Unix-like systems, which can be used on the Darwin shell through text commands, allows you to perform complex text searches within all the files present in the volumes mounted by the system.

It is possible, for example, to search within HTML pages (within the code, not only in the text rendered by browsers), PHP listings or simple text documents, specific combinations of words or measure the individual occurrences of some words.

Needless to point out the potential uses for webmasters, system administrators or any other user who needs to search within texts, from Apache logs to the thousands of HTML pages that a website may contain.

All this for was exclusive to those who are familiar with the syntax of text commands, excluding those who have a certain "uneasiness" when faced with a flashing cursor. Thanks to the initiative of the developers of AquaGrep (written entirely in Cocoa, native to 100%) and to the potential of the API Water with only $ 9.95 it will be possible to exploit the full potential of Grep with a simple graphical interface in perfect Mac style.

No more idiosyncrasies from the command line or panic from Terminal, just click on the AquaGrep icon, type the word to search for and press a reassuring OK.

To download this shareware just connect to the site The only minimum system requirement is Mac OS X 10.0.1.

(By Rudy Belcastro)