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Applications to complete Facebook management

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Facebook the social network par excellence, also in Italy, where not only the number of users is growing but also the popularity of the network. Being able to access your favorite social network on the move has therefore become almost a "necessity", given that more and more relationships between people begin to unfold through the Zuckerberg network.

As comfortable as they are, Facebook's mobile incarnations can in no way replace the desktop experience. The main reason is the absence of Flash, which makes it impossible to access numerous and popular applications. We have tried to point out the four interesting applications for all Facebook lovers, to try to reproduce the home (or office) experience as faithfully as possible ).

Facebook Obviously the first application to download to your iPhone / iPod Touch the official application. A free and very valid app, probably the best version of Facebook Mobile available on the market.

From your multitouch device you can access messages, profile, news, events, chats, friend requests, photos and notes, as well as being able to share thoughts, status updates, images and videos and receive updates via pus notifications. : it is not possible to see the videos n a "share" button is available to be able to relaunch news or items uploaded by friends.

Facebook available for free on the App Store.


Facebook Video +

As just said with the basic application, it does not allow you to consult the videos shared on the social network. Thanks to Facebook Video + instead possible: you will have direct access to most of the videos available on the social network.

Baster to log in with your account and through this app we will be able to enjoy movies from Facebook, YouTube, DailyMotion and even Vimeo.

The application available in full version at 0.79 cents.


Facehack For Facebook Do you want to create an original profile image to be inserted on your Facebook account, all directly from your iPhone? Thanks to Facehack possible.

With a few swipes of your fingers you can create images and edit them, in order to create a creative image to be sent directly to your social network page, all directly from your device, without the need for external editors (even if sometimes you feel a little limitation of the touch screen).

Facehack available on the App Store at a cost of 0.79 euros.


Farmville AlmanacAll Facebook users worthy of these names know Farmville, the most popular game on the social network, which puts you at the helm of a real virtual farm.Unfortunately iPhone and touch are not compatible with Flash and Farmville not playable on the go. for the practical Farmville Almanac guide, a real electronic "bignami" for the game.

On Farmville Almanac it will be possible to find all the best tips for your harvest; which seeds to plant for a better yield, the time necessary for the sowing of the seeds and any kind of suggestion to get the most out of your farm.

Farmville Almanac available for free on the App Store.

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