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Apple's rack servers tomorrow

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WWDC has closed, which has had an echo all over the Mac world for the preview presentation of Jaguar, so the new week that opens today is characterized once again by another great Apple event. Tomorrow, starting at 9 local time, 18 in Italy, the new server racks bearing the apple brand will be presented in Cupertino.

The event is announced by special invitations distributed to many journalists in the sector who will come to the company's headquarters to attend the demonstration of the new products.The presentation of server racks, in fact machines designed specifically for server rooms and therefore structured according to the canons for this use that are not the same as desktop machines, not new. Jobs had heralded their arrival just last week, during the WWDC keynote.

Apple, with the launch of server racks, intends to maximize the characteristics of Mac OS X, which presents itself as an operating system of great interest to the server sector but which has so far had little success due to the inability to have adequate hardware to meet the needs of those who work in this segment, with redundant power and other features that differentiate the servers from the normal recharged desktops offered so far by Cupertino.

In the context of tomorrow's event, according to some sources, other Apple products may also emerge. The most popular novelty is an iBook renewal with an increase in processor speed and a new video card.