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Apple's pen: Steve Jobs didn't want it but is now in the works

Apple pen 1

Apple, apparently, is working on a project for an electronic pen, even though Steve Jobs never wanted it …

Apple apparently is working on a project for an electronic pen. The patent application was filed in 2011 and involved a smart pen with electronic components that could interact with touch screens. Steve Jobs did not like the idea of use a pen, he had joked in a 2007 conference, during which he said: Who would like a pen ?! An object to take, put away, lose, have to remember … nobody wants a pen. And he had also told biographer Walter Isaacson: "When you have a pen, you're dead. Not all patents then become finished products, some only serve to distract competitors from what they really care about." But some signs suggest that Apple is really creating its own pen. In fact, in addition to the first patent already mentioned, he deposited another one last December, dated 2013. If Apple is really working on it, then the pen seems to have been in the works for years already. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is well acquainted with the production chain of Apple, he predicted that the launch will be in the second quarter of 2015. According to him, the pen will not work together with the phone (as for the Samsung Note), but will be associated with the iPad. In some situations a pen can be Kuo said it was more comfortable than the keyboard and mouse. It would not be Apple's first pen, however: the company included it with the Apple Newton, the handheld launched during the period in which Steve Jobs was not in the company. He did not sell much, and was taken out of production in 1998.C.C.

Apple pen 1

Apple pen