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Apple's hands on Worker Bee

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Apple's hands on Worker Bee

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Apple has identified the true identity of Worker Bee as the employee who revealed the existence of the Cube just before the MacWorld Expo. The same company announced it in the night to some press organs, including C / Net without making the suspect's name and surname public. The only known data are those of the residence that indicate in the county of Santa Clara (where Apple is also located) the place where his home is located. There is no idea even if Worker Bee still continues to work within the company or if it is (or has been) fired.

Apple, according to some statements, would have come to identify Worker Bee through information gathered from a judicial injunction against Yahoo. In fact, the site controls GeoCities on which WorkerBee had published information and images of some of the products being released at MacWorld. Apple had requested through a judge all the data necessary to identify the author of the posts, data that, evidently, were useful to this need.

In the coming days or days from the next hours other details could be announced regarding this matter. Apple, in fact, believes that Worker Bee may have also had accomplices, volunteers or not, in its work. Up to 24 possible suspects were indicated in the case.

If found guilty Worker Bee and his eventual accomplices could be forced to compensate Apple that certainly will support to have had damages for million dollars from the illicit revelation of secrets.

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