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Apple's autumn: iPhone 2020 with reduced notch and flat edges, HomePod, AirTags

Apple's autumn: iPhone 2020 with reduced notch and flat edges, HomePod, AirTags

A warm autumn is shaping up for Apple, with the launch of a series of products that will not be limited to the new series of iPhones: it reveals it – or, better, reaffirms it – Bloomberg, which collected valuable information from some suppliers of the Cupertino company. Barring delays caused by the ongoing pandemic, the following should finally be presented after the summer:

  • 4 iPhone
  • a smaller HomePod speaker than the current model
  • Apple Tags (AirTags)
  • the launch of other products cannot be excluded, even if in this case there are no certainties regarding the timing


Bloomberg confirms what has so far emerged and confirmed by Jon Prosser in recent days: the iPhone will be four, two Pro and two "base", the latter ready to replace iPhone 11.

  • the two top of the range models ("at least these", underlines the source) they will have flat steel frames, actually remembering the design of the iPhone 5, and the screen will also be completely flat. On the back there will be three cameras to which will be added a scanner equipped with LiDAR technology, seen this year on the new iPad Pro models recently released on the market. The premium variant display will be "slightly larger than the 6.5 " "of iPhone 11 Pro Max, says Bloomberg. What is hypothesized is in fact a diagonal from 6.7", at least according to the rumors so far surfaced on the net.
    Β In addition to a hardware sector that will undergo a "significant upgrade", the two top-of-the-range iPhones they will have a smaller notch compared to the current generation. For the future, Apple would be studying solutions to eliminate the notch permanently.
  • the heirs of the iPhone 11 – therefore the cheaper models – will have better hardware and a revisited design. It is not yet certain that even for them Apple has decided to abandon the curved side edges in favor of more minimal lines. There will always be two cameras on the back.

As already stated in the past by the same source, the ongoing health emergency does not seem to have affected the company's plans for the moment: the launch of the new generation of iPhones is still scheduled for early autumn, although it cannot be excluded a priori that plans for the debut may change between now and the next few months.

Not everyone thinks the same way: in the video that we propose to follow, for example, the concept of an iPhone with beveled bezels (therefore similar to those of the current model), completely devoid of notch and with a photo module is shown important, which somehow resembles those seen on some Samsung and Huawei devices. Is the author of the video right? Or maybe he dared too much anticipating the smartphone design that we will see only in the coming years?


It certainly cannot be said that HomePod was a great success. For this, Apple seems to be willing to propose a new speaker with decidedly reduced dimensions, while maintaining the same design. The price – sources said – will be very competitive, in order to erode market share with competitors (Amazon, Google and the Chinese Baidu, Alibaba and Xiaomi lead the current ranking).

The Californian company will then be called to enter into agreements with the main streaming music service providers, a real weak point of the model currently available on some markets. In addition, the other aspect to work on will be Siri, which on HomePod is not up to the various Assistants and Alexa who "govern" the Google and Amazon speakers.


Bloomberg calls them that, we have so far identified them as AirTags, but the concept does not change. The small device recently seen in an Apple "How to" video – later removed – will be offered with a leather case and a key ring. It will be disc-shaped, small in size and will be placed on the market later this year.


The surprises may not be missing, although it is not said that they will all be revealed in September at the launch of the iPhone 12. Bloomberg cites – without going into details – the possible debut of new MacBook Pro, iPad, iMac and Apple TV. What we know at the moment is that: