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AppleCare Technician Training: what's in the package

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The other disks are "Service Training", which contains the main information needed to take the exam, "Service Source", a CD containing the material referred to by "Service Training" and a strange "Test Disc Type2 CD-ROM. 01 "which according to MacFix-It contains only audio tracks but which the author of the text was not able to mount. A CD has yet to be sent since it is not yet available when the first material is sent. At a guess it should be the most interesting, because it is the most up to date, for those dealing with technical issues. Inside you will find information on Power Mac G4s with AGP, iMac DV, iBooks, Apple Cinema Display, and Mac OS 9. Remember that the "AppleCare Technician Training" program, currently available only in Canada and the USA, is essentially a course to become Apple certified technicians. Unlike what happened previously, this time Apple has opened the course to all those who wish to register by paying the cost. As noted by MacFix-It, however, it is very likely that exams for technicians will remain differentiated. On the one hand, what we could call "privatists", on the other, Apple Center employees.