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Apple will sell 30 million iPhones in 12 months

Apple's sales target of 10 million smartphones sold in 2008 was judged by many to be unattainable, until the presentation of the iPhone 3G. The new model is gathering substantial pre-orders in many countries that fall under the July 11 launch, specifically O2 in the UK and Vodafone Australia. For the respective countries, the two mobile operators communicate surprising numbers: in the UK over 130 thousand people have already booked iPhone 3G, in practice it is about 4 times higher than the 35 thousand pre-orders registered between September and November 2007 for the first model.

There are no historians for the Australian situation in which iPhone lands for the first time with the 3G model. In any case, Vodafone Australia indicates about 40 thousand daily visitors for the web pages dedicated to iPhone orders, while the operator Optus has temporarily suspended the pre-order service due to the excessive and unexpected number of requests.

"The registrations have exceeded our expectations and we hope to restore the ordering page to work as soon as possible." The statements of an Optus executive offer an overview of the situation

From the United Kingdom to Australia the success of the new iPhone and the relative rush to pre-orders not attributed to 3G technology and not even to the integrated GPS receiver, but rather to the affordable purchase price now proposed by operators to subscribe to a monthly tariff plan . With the most expensive rate plans iPhone even provided for free: this according to some analysts the most revolutionary and attractive feature of the new iPhone.

CSS Insight analyst Ben Wood who specializes in the mobile sector declares that Apple is on the right track to break the initial target set by Cupertino in 10 million iPhones sold by 2008. Wood significantly revises its estimates upwards originals: "In the next 12 months Apple will sell 30 million iPhones" a record figure also for a forecast by an analyst. Wood believes that iPhone is a device that many aspire to, available at an affordable price, these are the reasons that will make exceptional sales volumes possible for Cupertino.

The predictions of Lehman Brothers analyst Ben Reitzes are less optimistic but equally consistent: "Apple will reach 30 million units in 2010, selling 23 million iPhones in 2009 and 8.3 million iPhones this year". We only note that, if this latter prediction comes true, Cupertino would not reach the target set for 10 million pieces for 2008, with important consequences on credibility and above all on share value.