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Apple: "We will defend ourselves against the accusations of Nokia"

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Apple: "We will defend ourselves against the accusations of Nokia" – logomacitynet1200wide 1

"Apple intends to defend its position vigorously" with this sentence for the first time Cupertino refers in a public and official way to the lawsuit filed by Nokia against the unauthorized use within the iPhone of about 10 patents relating to technologies for the transmission of data and voices over cellular networks. Apple's position expressed in form 10-K that listed companies submit to the Security and Exchange Commission every year, the US equivalent of our Consob.

From the same document we learn that the "Plaintiff requires unspecified compensation and other compensation" and that "Apple's response to the complaint has not yet been formulated". Interviewed by Reuters Bill Merrit, head of mobile licensing at InterDigital, said that a quick solution will take at least a year, probably two while if Apple decides to defend itself in court or to counter-sue Nokia the legal dispute between the two titans could last from 2 to 3 years.

Recall that according to several analysts, the compensation and refunds requested by Nokia to Apple could consist of an amount between 200 million dollars up to 1 billion dollars. The sum varies according to the percentage of the cost of the licenses, agreed between the parties, calculated on the sale price of each individual telephone. Bill Merrit told Reuters that Cupertino has a license agreement with InterDigital but that the established percentage was calculated starting from the average sale price of a traditional mobile phone and not calculating the significantly higher price of the iPhone. This statement seems to suggest that perhaps the underlying cause of the lawsuit filed by Nokia against Apple could be a lack of compensation due for licenses and patents not calculated on the higher selling price of the iPhone compared to traditional vendors.

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