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Apple vs. Mac Cards (again)

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Apple versus Mac Cards (again)

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Apple's legal departments are again attacking Mac Cards. The site of the English Simon Jones, already closed a few months ago just thanks to the intervention of the same Apple, finished again in the viewfinder of the Cupertino company after its creator had decided to reopen it. This time to arouse the ire of the lawyers with the Apple, the logo used: a heart that closely resembled the color and look of the Apple logo itself. "I had consulted lawyers – Jones said – and in their opinion the chosen logo could in no way be confused with that of Apple. He certainly remembered it, but I don't think Apple has the rights to a heart. " In any case, to avoid problems and a battle in court "in which – said Jones – whether I had won or lost I would have squandered all my money", the British designer decided to renounce his intention to relaunch the site. Now Jones declares that he does not know whether to retry a new road or to renounce definitively. In the course of the previous dispute and for a short time in place of Mac Cards Jones he had launched a site dedicated to “silly and boring” postcards that depicted road signs, pieces of asphalt and bins. "Nobody will be able to say that I am copying – Jones then said – unless advancing rights on the idea of ​​having first created a site with insipid postcards". The reference to Apple and its iCards was obvious. This time for Jones he doesn't seem to be so determined. "If he finds someone who wants to buy the domain, at this point, the vender", he told some American sites.

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