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Apple vain, in the Apple TV series iPhone and Mac are seen everywhere

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Apple TV + seems to be the best advertisement for Apple products, which are visible on average 32 times in each episode of The Morning Show and the Apple logo visible in about a third of these shots. This is the curious count of the Wall Street Journal.

As an example, in The Morning Show the character of Reese Witherspoon, in one of the scenes, sleeps next to his iPhone and MacBook. In another scene of the same series, nine Apple products are shown while two characters walk and talk inside an editorial office, again according to the count of the WSJ.

The Morning Show, we remember, played by Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. Summing up the cameos of Apple products, the first scene of the first episode opens with the character of executive producer Chip Black, played by Mark Duplass, lying on the floor of his office in the dark, while at the foot stands a Mac, while an iPhone beside lights up with an incoming call. About 20 seconds later Mitch Kessler is woken up by his iPhone. In total, there are 31 shots where the Apple devices appear in episode 1, of which eight show the company logo.

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Other Apple products that appear in the series are MacBook and iMac, iPad, AirPods and Apple Watch. The HomePod speaker also appears on the desk in a scene. In short, nothing is missing.

On several occasions in the past Apple has specified that it does not pay for the inclusion of its products in the scenes of films and TV series produced by other companies. People close to The Morning Show, produced directly from Cupertino, told the WSJ that executives had no pressure to include Apple hardware within the episodes.

Obviously, the presence of such hardware is due in part to the fact that these are very popular products: iPhone has a 35% market share in the United States, and it is obvious, therefore, that Apple products appear in such shows, since they depict objects and devices used in everyday life. Apple products are often displayed on other TV series not affiliated with Apple, but as WSJ notes, the iPhone appears on The Morning Show so much that it may seem like an appendix.

Some viewers might consider the series too zealous in the positioning of Apple products, but there is also a touch of irony: the company thus promotes its own hardware within a service (Apple TV +), created precisely to reduce the company's dependence from the iPhone business, and at a time of slowing sales.

If the streaming service succeeds, it could help hardware sales, in a sort of virtuous circle to increase revenues from Apple hardware products. Patrick Quinn, president of PQ Media, wonders how, in an evolving world where people watch less traditional television, the younger audience is reached through a streaming service: showing their product within them, then the easiest way to sell them. Not everyone, but Apple can do it.

Recall that Apple offers customers a 7-day free trial for Apple TV +, while then it costs 4.99 euros a month. Furthermore, all customers who have purchased an Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod touch after September 10th are entitled to receive a free year for the service.

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