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Apple understands that iTunes doesn't like: Swell is ready to buy

Apple understands that iTunes doesn't like: Swell is ready to buy

Several signs confirm that in Cupertino they are still working on a streaming music service


Apple was the company in the forefront of making the music scene what it is now, with iPod and iTunes, making piracy sites increasingly obsolete on the one hand and, on the other, switching from listening to music CDs to MP3s. But since when Pandora has introduced unlimited audio streaming – which was followed by Spotify – made iTunes quite useless. Of course, iTunes remains a useful tool, but no longer the preferred way to use audio content.

Apple that has already purchased Beats for three billion is moving seriously into the radio business by also acquiring Swell. Or rather, close enough to the purchase (for about 30 million dollars). In the event that it is done, it will be a clear sign that Apple has understood: iTunes, as it is, no longer has the attractiveness it once had. Why buy a song when you can listen to it in streaming for free?

Swell allows the user to customize the podcast about his interests and progressively improve its effectiveness including other podcasts instead of skipped or only partially heard. The problem? NPR perhaps the strongest brand on the podcasting scene has already made a similar application.

In short, between Pandora and NPR the space that remains to move laughable. And the question that arises: is it worth it? Not that Apple wants to fit into a market already largely saturated? It seems that, this time, Apple has not been the towing company, but it's up to him to navigate in the wake of much more aggressive competitors.


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