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Apple, two more days to respond to the EU

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Two days for Apple will be the time of the showdown in Europe. By Wednesday, in fact, the Cupertino company will have to respond in writing to the EU request to justify the sales policy of the songs on iTunes which restricts the purchase to specific residents of each of the countries in which the stores have been opened.

The practice appears to conflict with the laws that provide, in the name of free competition between the countries of the Union, the possibility for each European citizen to make purchases of any good and service wherever he wishes, without any restrictions on the place of residence. As a consequence of the policy applied by Apple, on the other hand, British citizens, for example, buy songs at higher prices than the Italians.

Apple had already replied informally, stressing that the opening of several stores, one for each country in the Union where the service is active, was dictated by a request from the record companies; if she were allowed to, Apple would certainly have preferred to open one store instead of several.

Apple, along with three of the four major record companies that have been asked for clarification, had requested and obtained an extension of the original date of two weeks. Instead, one of the labels would have already presented its formal position. Jonathan Todd, spokesperson for Antrust Commissioner Neelie Kroes, said that no further delays are expected at the deadline imposed by the EU.